A Caregiver’s Guide to Throat Cancer

By Susan Grant

Honesty, hope, and humor to help you navigate

the wild ride called Throat Cancer!


Help is on the way!

What do you do when you've just learned that you or a loved one has throat cancer (aka head and neck cancer)? Do you find yourself thinking, "Who wrote this script and why haven't they been fired yet?" If so, you've come to the right place. If you're feeling like a visitor to planet Earth right now, this simple guidebook can truly help you navigate the wild ride called throat cancer. Written by a caregiver who has "been there", A Caregiver's Guide to Throat Cancer is designed to help you succeed by giving you the following tips, tricks, and advice:

  1. Bullet No-nonsense information on what you need to know right now

  2. Bullet Questions to ask your doctor and medical team

  3. Bullet What symptoms, side effects, and treatment regimes to expect

  4. Bullet Suggestions for what, where, and how to get the help you'll need

  5. Bullet Ideas for getting organized and streamlining routines

  6. Bullet Recommendations for managing your mountain of medical bills

  7. Bullet Advice on nutrition and recipes for delicious, homemade meals

  8. Bullet Shopping lists for tools, supplies, and things you never dreamed you'd need

  9. Bullet Tips for staying sane and finding the humor through it all

  10. Bullet And much more!

If you or a loved one has throat cancer, there's no need for you to reinvent the wheel. A Caregiver's Guide to Throat Cancer offers the information and support you need right now to make it through this difficult and crazy time. Consider this book your personal coach, cheerleader, and humor guru.  Here's to your success!

Susan Grant has overcome many health challenges by taking the reins and learning everything she needed to know to survive and thrive. When her husband was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage IV Throat Cancer, Grant jumped in with both feet and created a road map to help her husband successfully navigate the challenging and often frightening world of throat cancer. While Grant is not a doctor, her no-nonsense and often humorous approach combined with expertise in good nutrition, healthy choices, and a positive, can-do attitude were all instrumental in helping her husband heal rapidly with minimal suffering.

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“This book will serve as an anchor, a reference, and a lifeline during the treatment of any head and neck cancer. Down-to-earth advice from someone who has been there and back.”

- Annie Murphy, M.D. and Medical Oncologist